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       Amig is a French company specialized in Records Management. Its mission is to help companies manage their records with a dependable, high-performance, easily implemented and easily managed software. This software, named Ariane, is the result of an extensive experience in Records Management and Computer Science.

At Amig, we believe that information is a vital asset of every organization. As a result, our bank, medical, industrial and administrative Records Management services enable every day a better document organization and a faster records retrieval.

Our focus on the customer has enabled Amig to become a best-of-breed Records Management service provider. To that end, the company continually pursues change to maximize its value to customers. Amig employees pride themselves on professionalism, fast response and unflagging attention to customers. 

As a result, Amig is the French Leader in Records Management Software, with a number of managed sites and a capacity far exceeding any competitor.

Here are some fields managed by our Records Management software:


Amig and bank records management
ARIANE - software for banks 



Amig and medical records management
ARIANE - software for hospitals  


These sample snapshots taken from Ariane show how easy it is to check and manage your records from your desk!







Bank RM ] ARIANE - Banks ] Medical RM ] ARIANE - Hospitals ]
Amig: Records Management Software
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